Frequently Asked Questions

What does Avicog mean?
Avi is a Latin word meaning " A bird" and  related to " flying" Cog means knowing deeply, A part of something, a chain
What are the admission requirements for Cabin crew Training?
12th Grade pass from any institute is the primary requirement for this course
What are the documents required for the admission?
Soft copy of your recent qualification, and short CV.
What is the admission process?
You need to apply online Admission form given at our website; https://avicog.com/apply-now/ Once you get admission confirmation from the Institute, you need to pay online your course fee. And participant will be notified
What are the course Timings?
From morning 10 am to 02 pm, 5 days a week.
Does institute provide visa for the International flying licenses?
Yes, Institute processes your Visa with the coordination of our International partners.
Does the institute provide residence and pick and drop?
Yes, Institute provides the residence and pick & drop to the outsiders.
Does this course fee include the accommodation fee?
The Course fee does not include the accommodation fees.
Is there any job guarantee after completion of these trainings?
Although the training is no guarantee of employment, we do have an understanding with some companies to contact us when they require trained staff, And we create the opportunity for their selection.